Fact Checking 2 - Hacktoria - Walkthrough

This article is related to a series of Fact Checking challenges posted

on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Fact Checking 2.

The challenge is about the verification of the book Neuromancer publishing


The screenshot of the challenge is given below:



Let’s try to solve this challenge.

First let’s see what info we can get from the image.

The image gives following info:

    Book Title:        Neuromancer

    Book Author:        William Gibson (Picture also given)

    Book Category:    Science Fiction

    Year of Publish:    1982

This is enough info to start the investigation. Let’s enter the book name

“Neuromancer” on a search engine and analyze the results.




There is a lot of info available about the book. Try to find the publishing

year of the book in the search result.



Here we find that the book was published in 1984 and in the challenge it has

been asked if the book was published in 1982 or not. So the answer is false.



After submitting the answer.


Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you like. Thank you.

See you in the next challenge.