Red Team Spies - Hacktoria Mission - Walkthrough

This article is related to a Mission posted on Hacktoria

This article is specific for the Red Spies Below challenge.

The challenge is about the given image showing a Chinese submarine and the

goal is to identify the class of submarine.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:



Let’s try to solve this challenge.

Looking closely at the image, there are multiple points which will help in

identifying the submarine in the image. Those point are mentioned below:


  1. If you zoom the image there will be a red color visible which is seen

    normally on every ship.

  2. It is a measurement level painted on the front side of the submarine.

  3. White circular color on the front side of the submarine. It appears to

    be an entry/exit door for

    the personnel.

  4. Water release hole.

  5. Measurement level in the central part of the submarine as appeared on

    point 2.

  6. Orange colored something not sure about its working.

  7. It might be another entry/exit point or used for something else, but

    while circular colored as

    appeared on point 3.

Starting image with reverse image search.

Go to “Yandex Images”



Click on Lens Icon.



Enter the URL of the image and click on the “Search” button.



Now wait for the search result. 



First of all it appears that the given image is inverted. You can see

multiple images in a similar section tab showing the same submarine in 

another direction. There were multiple links in the result having language

other than English. With the help of the “Google Translate” add-on the text

was translated to English. These highlighted links were suggesting that this

is “kilo-class”.These submarines are manufactured in Russia. 1st link in the

red area appears to be Chinese and might contain information to help us to

identify the submarine. Let’s investigate this link further. Upon loading of

the web page thereare tons of images and details about the kilo class 

submarine. Scrolling down on the web page there a picture appeared in which

this submarine is almost similar to the given in the challenge.



Let’s verify both the above image and the given image of the submarine 

before investigating further.



It is clearly seen in both images that all of the points are exactly 

matching with each other. So the submarine given in the challenge is

“Kilo-Class” submarine.




Wait for the result.



Here the mission is completed successfully. Kindly share it if you like.

Thank you. See you in the next mission.